Convenient location

Located at the business center of An Lac – Binh Tri Dong, Binh Tan district and built from the modern architecture with the area of 5500 m2, the Little Stars’ facilities consist of modern classroom blocks with other supplementary buildings and garden areas. Clean and friendly space with green trees, lovable and fresh flowers creates an ideal environment close to nature, helping children well-develop their physical and intellectual life.

International standard classrooms 

Large classrooms have an area of 60 m2 each which is equipped with air conditioners, multimedia projectors, and other advanced teaching-learning tools. The maximum class size of 20 students is ideal for individualized teaching.

Modern function rooms

Computer Labs, Music rooms, Arts rooms, a modern gymnasium, and an outdoor swimming pool are well-designed, suiting children’s psychological and biological characteristics

A sterilized blue swimming-pool

A 120 m2 swimming pool is a place where children can learn swimming and play water games   with sterilized water in accordance to the international standards.

Hồ bơi xanh tươi vô khuẩn

A multi-function conference hall

A 300 m2 hall where school events are held regularly is also functioned as a movie theater for parents and children to enjoy seeing films or drama on the weekend without admission fee.
Hội trường đa chức năng

 A vivid and colorful library 

A library with rich teaching and learning resources can be accessed together with multimedia rooms. They help pupils broaden their knowledge and develop their love for reading.

An exciting playground 

A modern playground with the area of over 600 m2 in conjunction with corridors and a lobby creates a huge space for children to play comfortably and joyfully.