Core values

Core values

Small Star Elementary School is formed from educational mission to serve the community, to meet the increasing demand for quality education, reform and integration. Completely new school was built in the center of the urban area An optimistic – Binh Tri Dong, Binh Tan District, with professional design to international standards, featuring elementary school students.

Small Star of deep interest to every student. 5 star stylized orange continuum between blue heart represents the personality of each student develop confidence, warmth in the arms of a loving community care of the school.

– With small stars, students are learning-development opportunities to become global citizens Vietnam capable of international integration Continuous as the stars symbol of the five continents connected together to form a flat world. Small Star Students will also be members help to create world peace, full of love, the world’s green heart.

5 Star Small is the original image of the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, and earth) that make up all matter in the world specifically in Eastern philosophy. Marble, a precious cultural heritage of our ancestors. Study in Small Stars, students will be experiencing the journey to explore the world of primary diversity, the journey of my roots in the desire to preserve the national identity of Vietnam.

Environmental Management Education and Training in Small Stars shown in blue, always try to get a higher level of professionalism as its green color symbolizes, to help each student develop the best intelligence, experience, skills and energy itself. As such, students will be the “Little Stars” jump out in the future when they are created the nice personality steadiness.

Small Star

Blue of faith!

Blue of the spirit of commitment, of the will is determined to raise public stature!